Motorola e-training
•   Marketing and Sales Strategy
•   Art Direction
•   Motion Graphics
•   UI / UX
•   Mobile App Development
•   Illustration

On the heels of a successful implementation of a dynamic mobile application training series, we saw the opportunity to build on this momentum and I pitched the concept of companion mobile app games for select Motorola device roll outs. With gamification of their training drastically improving the "stickiness" of their device key selling points, games that were simple, fun and addictive while still maintaining some educational value was the next big step. My team and I concepted and developed several mobile app games, such as the Adventures of Turboman and Moto Z Match, which hammered home some of the key selling points of their respective devices with fun, engaging game play. Like the Motorola courses, these games reported back to a custom CMS that tracked downloads, game play, and quiz success rates. 
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