Intel Content Portal
•   Art Direction
•   Project Management
•   Web Design
•   Frontend / Backend Development 
•   UI / UX
•   Motion Graphics

Intel has a longstanding relationship with hardware companies like Dell and HP. Intel chips go into heir devices and frequently, they need to have their marketing team learn more about the latest capabilities and offerings. Through Prowess Consulting, Intel needed to create a centralized portal for all of their latest content. This needed to have a secure sign-in which was capable of comparing log-in information with a backend that divided the site between Dell and HP users and to then show only the respective company's content. It also needed a robust search function as well as a way to easily add new content and remove outdated products. Finally, it needed to incorporate a previously created training course system that we at Red Card Studios had previously developed. The final result, which I managed and art directed, was an all-in-one, dynamic content portal for Intel. 
We at Red Card Studios had developed dozens of training courses for Intel over the years and had created a back-end CMS to track participation, progress, and success rates. After years of courses, in an attempt to both cut budgets and provide more consistency, we developed two unique avatars - one for Dell and one fo HP - to lip sync to the audio and provide on-screen visual engagement and familiarity with the courses. 

Over the years, we added and updated the site to include things like microsites for particular roll-outs and giveaways to encourage and reward participation. I personally oversaw the partnership with Prowess Consulting and our mutual client, Intel, and acted as Project Lead and Creative Director on all Prowess / Intel projects, leading a team of designers, animators and front and backend developers to provide a stable, consistent workflow
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